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EDL Consulting to Showcase Cloud-Based ECommerce Framework at Dreamforce

CloudCraze is a native Force.com eCommerce framewok currently available on the salesforce.com AppExchange

The CloudCraze framework, which includes best practices, processes and sophisticated functionality provides users with the technology resources to build eCommerce into their websites. EDL is participating in Dreamforce as a gold sponsor and will showcase CloudCraze to more than 10,000 expected attendees. EDL will also co-present a CloudCraze case study with LI-COR, a leading biosciences firm that chose EDL to help move its eCommerce to the cloud.

A 2009 survey by AppLabs revealed that 30 percent of global 2000 companies now use cloud infrastructure to host their applications, and another 20 percent plan some form of adoption by next year. Companies are now turning to the cloud for transactional services such as eCommerce to complement their existing cloud computing investments in CRM or human capital management.

CloudCraze allows companies to quickly develop and launch eCommerce sites that are easy to configure, maintain, and integrate with Salesforce CRM. The Force.com platform allows for seamless integration, enabling CloudCraze to offer speed and scalability for companies selling a wide range of products, including games, food, wireless devices and manufactured goods.

“With CloudCraze and the Force.com platform, enterprises can go from a branded site to an eCommerce site in just eight weeks -- a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development,” said Bill Loumpouridis, president and CEO, EDL Consulting. “By delivering eCommerce in the cloud, CloudCraze is easy to learn and simple for brand marketers to manage real-time site updates. That simplicity is helping to create a new category of cloud computing applications.”

Built on Force.com, salesforce.com’s platform for custom application development, CloudCraze is one of the first eCommerce frameworks to be delivered natively on the platform and is immediately available to download and test drive on AppExchange.

“Customers look to Dreamforce and its sponsors such as EDL to learn about how they may continue to move to the cloud for business applications,” said Kendall Collins, chief marketing officer, salesforce.com. “With CloudCraze, EDL is showing how fast customers may implement eCommerce in the cloud on Force.com.”

About CloudCraze by EDL Consulting
Developed by EDL Consulting, CloudCraze significantly reduces the time and expense of eCommerce application development by taking it from an on-premise model to a Cloud computing model. CloudCraze addresses the challenge of how to capture, formalize, and extend the EDL eCommerce expertise and leverage it on the Force.com platform. EDL specializes in the integration of CRM, eCommerce and business intelligence solutions to improve business performance.

More Stories By Bill Loumpouridis

Mr. Loumpouridis serves as president and CEO for EDL Consulting, a leading eCommerce and Systems Integration firm serving a rich client base that includes manufacturing, media, and high tech clients. In his role at EDL, Bill is responsible for corporate strategy and marketing, ensuring that EDL’s capabilities and service offerings address his client’s most pressing needs. EDL’s solutions appeal to senior sales and marketing executives who face the challenges of selling complex products and services through multiple distribution channels. Mr. Loumpouridis is a serial entrepreneur and methodology wonk with several thriving start-up professional services organizations to his credit. He founded EDL in July 2001 as a response to the dot com implosion, bringing more than 20 years of professional services industry experience to the organization, in order to build a firm based on Excellence in Delivery Leadership (EDL) lacking in many misguided dot com projects. Prior to EDL, Mr. Loumpouridis served as Vice President of CRM at iXL, where he built a pioneering CRM practice that quickly established the company as a leader in the delivery of customer-centric eCommerce solutions. His prior leadership roles include four years at PricewaterhouseCoopers building a regional CRM practice, and founder of Strategic Technology Resources (STR), an early adopter of object-oriented programming in the early 1990’s. Some of Bill’s most memorable accomplishments date back to his executive management role at Lante Corporation, one of the first firms to define a consulting practice around what were known as “microcomputers” during the heady 1980’s. During this time Bill was also instrumental in developing go-to-market methodologies that were more nimble than traditional waterfall approaches in order to tap the power of the PC platform. Mr. Loumpouridis graduated in 1983 from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics.

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