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Autonomy's Meaning-Based Solution Unifies and Simplifies eDiscovery

New Release Enables Legal Teams to Discover 100% of Enterprise Data with One Application for Cloud

Autonomy, an HP Company, has announced a significant new release of the company's market-leading eDiscovery solution. Autonomy eDiscovery brings together the best capabilities of Autonomy Stratify for review, Autonomy Introspect for production, and Autonomy Investigator & ECA for identification and culling. Powered by Autonomy IDOL 10, this seamless solution automatically recognizes concepts and ideas in 100% of an organization's data, from unstructured human information, to structured data. Corporations and law firms can leverage Autonomy's advanced technology and eDiscovery expertise in the cloud, on premise, and with purpose-built HP appliances.

One Application for Simplified and Unified eDiscovery

Corporate legal departments and law firms must simultaneously manage hundreds of cases, which involves moving data at each step in the eDiscovery process. This approach introduces risk with each insecure handoff of data between systems. Autonomy eDiscovery radically alters this paradigm by providing a single solution for managing the end-to-end eDiscovery process. The application brings together the following solutions:

  • Autonomy Investigator & ECA - the market's leading solution for rapid early case assessment, and analysis of data "in place."
  • Autonomy Stratify - the preferred solution by lawyers, for its intuitive, easy-to-use interface and workflow.
  • Autonomy Introspect - the top ranked solution for processing, review, and production that delivers unique capabilities for managing complex, multi-party litigation.


Further unifying the eDiscovery process, Autonomy's secure, private cloud simplifies matters by providing in-house and outside counsel with shared access to current litigation activity, to eliminate the need for risky imports, exports, and data transfers between parties.

Autonomy also now offers an eDiscovery Appliance, which combines Autonomy eDiscovery software with HP hardware, including HP ProLiant servers and HP Storage. The turn-key and purpose-built Appliance is ideal for rapid deployment within the enterprise, in a law firm, or by services partners. Within a matter of hours, an organization can set up the Appliance and automatically upload data to Autonomy's secure private cloud or a server for immediate review and production.

Meaning Based Coding for Dynamic, Real-Time eDiscovery
The ability to recognize concepts and patterns in data is absolutely critical to successful eDiscovery. For instance, white collar criminals committing corporate fraud do not use the term "fraud" in their emails or voice mails; they use code words and veiled references that simple keyword technologies would fail to detect.

Autonomy eDiscovery overcomes this challenge with Meaning Based Coding, a groundbreaking technology that leverages IDOL's ability to conceptually understand the meaning of information to provide coding recommendations regarding relevance to one or more issues in a matter. As a result, Autonomy's eDiscovery solution provides legal teams with a significant advantage over predictive coding methods, by enabling real-time behavioral categorization. These capabilities enable organizations to:

  • Understand the team's coding decisions in relation to the meaning of documents under review.
  • At ingestion, automatically code documents based on exemplars, or based on automatically clustered content, to directly drive workflows that increase the efficiency of identifying potentially relevant documents while accelerating document review workflow.
  • Dynamically recommend document coding in real-time, reflecting the solution's up-to-the-second understanding of review team coding behavior to drive more accurate and consistent coding.
  • Automatically update the system's conceptual understanding of a particular matter as new documents are added and / or attorneys review and code additional documents.


eDiscovery for 100% of an Organization's Information - Mobile, Social, Audio, Video, and Structured Data

Autonomy eDiscovery is an advanced solution built for the modern enterprise, in which mobile devices are ubiquitous and social media is a key component of the company's operations.

The ability to handle both unstructured and structured data is a key differentiator as more organizations seek to process all data types for eDiscovery, including information from structured data sources, such as human resource databases, transactional systems, and call center call log data. The ability to handle all forms of data is critical to meeting the eDiscovery demands imposed by regulatory agencies, the courts and opposing parties for greater and more diverse sets of information.

Autonomy's eDiscovery solution enables comprehensive eDiscovery, all tied to an organization's broader information governance initiative, and includes these capabilities:

  • Understands and processes all forms of data including unstructured, human information such as email, mobile data, audio, video, and social media, as well as structured data.
  • Powered by Autonomy IDOL 10, the new Autonomy eDiscovery solution leverages integration with HP's Database Archiving (DBA), an innovative technology that automatically collects structured data from applications and databases.


Connect eDiscovery and Information Governance with a Comprehensive Strategy

As organizations grapple with the new challenges of the human information age, one of the top priorities is to develop a comprehensive strategy that connects eDiscovery and Information Governance. Autonomy's comprehensive Information Governance solution enables an organization to form a contextual understanding of its entire set of information assets, and manage the data in place. As a result, when confronted with an investigation or litigation, organizations can use Autonomy eDiscovery to act fast and effectively.

Autonomy provides the industry's most comprehensive information governance solution, including the following products:

  • Autonomy Connected Backup - automatically backs up data in the background and ensures complete data protection without interrupting users.
  • Autonomy Consolidated Archive - archives data on premise, in the cloud, and via appliances, and provides the industry's only intelligent governance layer from which businesses can drive their compliance, eDiscovery, and records management initiatives directly from archived data.
  • Autonomy HP Data Protector - reduces backup and recovery complexity and cost by protecting virtual and physical applications-whether you have one server or thousands.
  • Autonomy HP DBA - an innovative technology that automatically collects structured data from applications and databases.
  • Autonomy Legal Hold - automates the legal hold process, data and custodian identification, notification management, and preservation and collection
  • Autonomy Policy Authority - delivers a centralized policy authority for enforcing information governance policies across distributed content, including both structured and unstructured information.
  • Autonomy Records Manager- manages all forms of records: physical and electronic, including email, from a single policy management and administration dashboard.
  • Autonomy Social Media Governance - extends Autonomy's supervision, policy, and compliance solutions to monitor, govern, and protect organizations across social media channels.
  • Autonomy Supervisor - provides automated monitoring and surveillance of all electronic communications of an organization.
  • Autonomy HP TRIM - designed to meet the increasingly complex demands of corporations and the public sector, while automating and simplifying information governance.

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