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Global Information Security Products And Services Industry

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Information Security Products And Services Industry


This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Information Security Products and Services in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Information Security Software, Information Security Hardware, and Information Security Services. The sub-segments analyzed under the Information Security Software segment include Identity & Access Management (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Web Single Sign-On, Host Single Sign-On, User Provisioning, Directory Services, Legacy Authorization, Advanced Authentication), Secure Content Management (Antivirus, Web Filtering, Messaging Security), Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Security & Vulnerability Management, Firewall/VPN Software, and Other Security Software. The sub-segments analyzed under the Information Security Hardware segment include Hardware Authentication (Tokens, Smart Cards, Biometrics), Threat Management Security Appliances, Firewall/VPN Hardware/Appliances, SCM Appliances, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances, and Unified Threat Management Appliances. The sub-Product Segments: analyzed under the Information Security Services segment include Implementation Services, Consulting Services, Management Services, Education & Training, and Response Services. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. A six-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets.The report profiles 385 companies including many key and niche players such as ActivIdentity Corporation, AuthenTec, Check Point Software, Technologies Ltd., Cisco Systems Inc., Clearswift Ltd., CA Technologies, Inc., Crossbeam Systems, Inc., Entrust, Inc., F-Secure Corporation, Fortinet Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P, IBM Corporation, Juniper Networks, Inc., Keyware Technologies NV, Lumension Security, Inc., McAfee, Inc., Norman ASA, Novell, Inc., Ping Identity Corp., Proofpoint, Inc., EMC Corporation, SafeNet, Inc., Secui.com Co., Ltd., SonicWALL, Inc., Sophos Plc, Utimaco Safeware AG, Stonesoft Corporation, Symantec Corporation, Technology Nexus AB, Thales Group, Trend Micro Incorporated, Trustwave, Verizon Business, WatchGuard Technologies, Inc., and WebSense, Inc. Leading Global Information Security Research Institutes Center for Education and Research in Information- Assurance and Security, and Information Security Group. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

I. INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY & PRODUCT DEFINITIONSStudy Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1Disclaimers I-2Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3Information Security Software I-4Identity & Access Management (I&AM) I-5Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) I-5Web Single Sign-On I-5Host Single Sign-On I-5User Provisioning I-5Directory Services I-5Legacy Authorization I-6Advanced Authentication I-6Secure Content Management (SCM) I-6Antivirus Software I-6Web/Content Filtering I-6Messaging Security (E-mail Scanning) I-6Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDP) I-6Security & Vulnerability Management I-7Firewall/VPN Software I-7Other Security Software I-7Information Security Hardware I-7Hardware Authentication I-7Tokens I-7Smart Cards I-8Biometrics I-8Threat Management Security Appliances I-8Firewall/VPN Appliances I-8SCM Appliances I-8Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances I-8Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances I-8Information Security Services I-9Consulting Services I-9Education and Training Services I-9Implementation Services I-9Management Services I-9Response Services I-9II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


Corporate Information Assets - Vulnerable as Ever II-1

Growing Instances of IT Security Breaches - A Serious Cause

for Concern II-2

Types of Internal IT Security Breaches in Organizations -

Ranked in the Order of Frequency of Occurrence II-3

Types of External Security Breaches in Organizations - Ranked

in the Order of Frequency of Occurrence II-3

A Look at Common Security Threats for Enterprise Information

Assets II-3

Damages Caused by Security Breaches II-4

Proprietary Information Destruction II-4

Disruption in Systems Performance II-4

Data/Application Damage or Corruption II-5

Information Security - High on Priority List for Enterprises II-5

Factors Affecting Implementation of Information Security

Solutions by Enterprises Worldwide - Ranked in Order of

Influence II-6

Network Security - Keeping Security Threats at Bay II-6

Enterprise Endpoint Security Grows in Prominence II-7

General Trends Underpinning the Endpoint Security Solutions

Market II-7

Server Security Concerns Driving Demand for Server Security

Solutions II-8

Impact of Recession in Retrospect II-9

Outlook II-10

Emerging Markets - Hotspots for Growth II-10

Growing Use of Technology Brings Security Concerns for

Enterprises, Opportunities for Information Security Vendors II-10

Growing Use of Internet as a Business Platform Demands Robust

Information Security Solutions II-10

Threat from Social Networking Sites to Drive Demand for

Information Security Solutions II-11

Security Risks Posed by Virtualization & Cloud Computing to

Fuel Security Solutions Market II-11

Growing Use of Smartphones Boosts Demand for Smartphone

Security Solutions Market II-13

Smartphone Convenience at the Cost of Information Security II-13

Table 1: Worldwide Worker Population (2008 & 2011):

Breakdown of Number of Workers (in Millions) by Nature of

Work - Mobile & Non Mobile (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) II-14

Table 2: Worldwide Mobile Worker Population (2008 & 2011):Breakdown of Number of Mobile Workers (in Millions) byNature of Work - Mobile Office, Mobile Non-Office, MobileHome Based (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

Table 3: Worldwide Mobile Workforce (2011): Percentage

Share Breakdown of Number of Mobile Workers by Region

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-14

Enabling Smartphone Security - An Urgent Need II-15

Industry Still Underprepared to Tackle Security Concerns II-15

Smartphone Security Solutions II-15

Regulatory Compliance Requirements Drives Demand for

Information Security Solutions II-16

Dearth of Trained Staff and Infrastructure to Drive Demand for

Information Security II-16

IP4 to IPv6 to Boost Adoption of Cyber Security Solutions and

Services II-16

Growth in Sophisticated & Compound Security Threats to Drive

Demand for Enhanced Security Solutions II-17

Rapid Expansion in Security Technologies II-18

Hosted Security Services: Growing in Demand II-18

Increased use of Open Source Tools II-19

Growing Significance of Application-Level Security II-19

VoIP Security for Expanding VoIP II-19

Security for Converged Data and Voice Environments II-19

Growing Commoditization of Security Products II-20

Financial Services - A Key End Use Market for Information

Security Solutions II-20

Information Security in Financial Services Sector II-20

Industry Wise Implementation of Information Security Policy -

Industries Ranked by Level of Implementation II-20

Major External & Internal Breaches in Financial Services Sector II-21

Top Security Initiatives by Sector II-21

Advanced Solutions Gain Traction II-21

Regulatory Compliance: A High Priority for Financial

Institutions II-22

Growing Significance of Data Loss Prevention II-22

Lack of Alignment Between Business Objectives and Security II-22

Convergence Gains Strength II-22

Key Barriers in Information Security for Financial Services

Sector II-23

Increasing Adoption of Digital Health Records to Drive Demand

for IT Security Solutions in Healthcare Sector II-23

Production Systems too Bitten by Security Bug II-23

Key Issues and Challenges II-24

Major Restraints to Efficient Information Security in

Enterprises Worldwide II-24

Inadequate Budget - Main Constraint against Effective

Information Security II-24

External Threats More Recognized than Internal Threats II-25

Organizations are Essentially Reactive Rather than Proactive II-25

Lack of Comprehensive Security Solutions II-25

2. REVIEW OF SELECT PRODUCT/SERVICE MARKET OPPORTUNITIES II-26Information Security Software II-26Identity & Access Management Solutions II-26Table 4: Global Identity and Access Management Market(2009): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by OperatingEnvironment (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-27A Key Security Initiative for Enterprises II-27An Integral Part of Corporate Strategy II-28Growing Prominence of Identity-as-a- Service (IaaS) II-28Cloud Services Boost IaaS II-29Concerns with IaaS Implementation II-29Lack of Unified Standards - A Major Concern II-29Problems Confronting SaaS Implementation II-29PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) II-29Legacy Authorization - A Declining Market II-30Secure Content Management Grows in Prominence II-30Antivirus Accounts for Lion's Share II-30Low Footprint Anti-Virus Grow in Prominence among SMBs II-30Top 10 Anti Virus Software Solutions for 2011 II-31Web Filtering II-31Increasing Web 2.0 & E-Mail Threats Boost Demand for ContentFiltering Products II-31Messaging Security (E-mail Scanning) - A Promising Market II-32Security & Vulnerability Management II-32Table 5: Global Vulnerability Management Market (2011):Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues for DeviceVulnerability Assessment and Application Scanners (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-33Small and Mid-Sized Businesses - An Under- PenetratedSegment for SVM II-33Diverse Delivery Systems for SVM Products II-33Firewall/VPN Software II-33Encryption for Data Protection II-33Information Security Hardware II-34Hardware Authentication - A Trivial but Embryonic Market II-34Tokens & Smart Cards II-34Smart Cards Market - A Review II-34Telecom Sector to Remain Major Driver of Smart Card Demand II-35Market Overview of Authentication Tokens II-35Hardware vs. Software Tokens II-35Demand for Software-Based Authentication Tokens on the Rise II-36Trends in Authentication Tokens Market II-36Growing Use of Two-Factor Authentication II-36Latest Development in Two Factor Authentication Security II-37New Technologies II-37Adaptive Authentication II-37Near Field Communications II-37New Form Factors II-37Growing Prominence of Wireless Technology II-37Biometrics II-38Table 6: Global Biometrics Market (2011): Percentage ShareBreakdown of Revenues by Technology - FingerprintTechnology, Facial Scan Technology, and Others (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-38

Table 7: Global Biometrics Market By Application (2015P):

Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues for Identity

Services, Logical Access, Physical Access, and Surveillance &

Monitoring (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-39

Rapid Growth of Biometric Surveillance II-39

Biometric Authentication - Key Issues II-39

Threat Management Security Appliances - Order of the Day II-39

Firewall/VPN Appliances II-39

VPN Market on an Upswing II-40

SSL VPN - A Nascent Market II-40

UTM Appliances - A Whip on Blended Security Threats II-40

Need for Simplifying Information Security Procedures - A

Business Case for UTM II-41

Increasing Fascination for UTM Appliances in Large Enterprises II-41

Shift from UTM to XTMs II-41

Integrated Security Suites Emerge as the Preferred Choice for

Information Security II-41

Information Security Services - Primary Revenue Contributor II-42

3. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE II-43Information Security Market - Highly Competitive II-43Consolidation Wave in Security Software Market II-43Convergence of Product Portfolio - A Key Competitive Ploy II-43Key Statistics II-44Table 8: Leading Vendors in the Global Security SoftwareMarket (2011): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues forSymantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, IBM, CA, and Others (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-44

Table 9: Global Identity and Access Management Market

(2011): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Leading

Players (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-44

Table 10: Worldwide Messaging Security Market (2011):Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenue by leading Players(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-44

Table 11: Global Security and Vulnerability Management

Market (2010): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenue by

Leading Players (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-45

Table 12: Global Firewall Market (2010): Percentage ShareBreakdown of Revenue by Leading Players (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-45

Table 13: Global Intrusion Detection/Prevention Market

(2011) - Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues by Leading

Players (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-45

Table 14: Global Market for Unified Threat Management(Q2-2010): Percentage Market Share Breakdown by LeadingPlayers (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-45


Information Security - An Introduction II-46

Organizational Security Strata II-46

Managing Information Security II-46

Measures to Ensure Information Security: II-47

Information Security Projects in Organizations - Ranked in

the Order of Relative Importance II-47

5. AN UNDERSTANDING OF KEY PRODUCT SEGMENTS II-48Information Security Software II-49Identity & Access Management (I&AM) II-49Key Functionalities of Identity & Access Management Solutions II-50Authentication II-50Authorization II-50Administration II-50PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) II-50Benefits of PKI II-51Glitches with PKI II-51Single Sign-On (SSO) II-51Web Single Sign-On II-52Host Single Sign-On II-52User Provisioning II-52Directory Services II-52Legacy Authorization II-52Advanced Authentication II-52Secure Content Management (SCM) II-53Antivirus Software II-53Web/Content Filtering II-54Messaging Security (E-mail Scanning) II-54Table 15: Principal Factors Affecting Installation ofWeb/E-mail Monitoring in Organizations (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-54Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDP) II-54Security & Vulnerability Management II-55Firewall/VPN II-56Firewalls II-56Major Firewall Types II-56Packet Filter Firewall II-56Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall II-57Application Layer Gateways or Proxies II-57Available Forms of Firewalls II-57Software Firewalls II-57Hardware Firewalls II-57Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) II-57Key Components of a VPN II-58VPN Gateways II-58Security Servers II-58Keys II-58Network II-58Available Forms of VPN II-58VPN Software II-58VPN Hardware II-58Types of VPN II-58Remote-access VPN II-58Site-to-Site VPN II-58Technologies Supporting Delivery of VPN Services II-59Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) II-59Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) II-59Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) II-59Secure Socket Layer (SSL) II-59Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) II-59Firewall/VPN - The Need for Integration II-60Encryption II-60Other Security Software II-60Information Security Hardware II-60Hardware Authentication Products II-60Tokens II-61Smart Cards II-61Biometrics II-61Threat Management Security Appliances II-61Firewall/VPN Appliances II-62SCM Appliances II-62Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances II-62Intrusion Detection System (IDS) II-62Types of IDS II-63Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) II-63Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances - The ViableSolution II-63Benefits of UTM Appliances II-63Information Security Services II-64Information Security Services Life Cycle II-64Stages of Information Security Life Cycle II-64Initiation II-64Assessment II-64Solution II-64Implementation II-65Operations II-65Closeout II-65Security Policy II-65Program Policies II-65Issue-Specific Policies II-65System-Specific Policies II-65Security Services Management Tools II-65Metrics II-66Service Agreements II-66Types of Information Security Services II-66Consulting Services II-66Education and Training Services II-66Implementation Services II-66Management Services II-67Response Services II-67Types of Delivery Models II-67Software Licenses II-67Appliance Based Devices II-67Hosted Services (Security- as- a-Service Solutions) II-68Complete Outsourcing Models II-68Hybrid Model II-68


CloudPassage Introduces Halo NetSec Security Solution for

Public Clouds II-69

Stonesoft Launches IPS-1302 for Encrypted Traffic Inspection

and Web II-69

IBM Releases Latest Security Software for Mobile Applications II-69

SafeNet Launches Enhanced Version of Sentinel Cloud II-70

Proofpoint Unveils Enhancements Proofpoint Enterprise Product

Portfolio II-71

Lumension Releases New Endpoint Management and Security Suite

v7.2 Integrated with Endpoint Integrity Service II-72

Norman Introduces New Malware Analyzer G2 Platform Version II-73

Norman Announces Improvements to Email Protection Solution II-73

Proofpoint Launches Proofpoint Android App and Mobile

Decryption App II-74

Fortinet® Launches a Range of Network Security Appliances II-74

Fortinet® Introduces FortiGate™-5101C and FortiGate™-3240C

Firewall Products II-75

Symantec Announces Updation of Backup Exec 3600 and NetBackup

5220 II-76

Symantec Releases Enterprise Mobile Enhancements II-77

McAfee Releases New Database Security Solution II-78

F-Secure Unveils Safe Anywhere II-78

Fujitsu Develops 5mm Sensor, World's Slimmest Sensor for

Biometric Authentication II-79

F-Secure Launches Server and Email Security Solution II-79

IBM Launches SmartCloud Foundation II-80

ActivIdentity Integrates CIV-Compliant Credential Management

System with Crescendo Card Platform II-81

Juniper Introduces Upgraded Mykonos Web Security Platform II-81

Juniper Launches Universal Access Solutions with ACX Series

Platforms II-82

Novell Launches ZENworks® 11 Support Pack 2 II-83

Norman Launches NSP System II-84

Proofpoint Launches Proofpoint Enterprise Governance II-84

SafeNet Launches White Box Cryptography II-85

SafeNet Launches eToken 3500 II-85

Trustwave Launches Innovative Managed Security Services II-86

Check Point Launches Check Point R75.40 II-87

Check Point Launches Check Point ThreatCloud II-88

Websense Launches Websense X10G II-88

Fortinet to Launch FortiDDoS Series II-89

ActivIdentity Unveils Enhancements to 4TRESS Authentication

Solution II-90

RSA Integrates KMIP Specification into RSA Data Protection

Manager Solution II-91

WatchGuard® Technologies Introduces WatchGuard XCSv series II-91

WatchGuard® Technologies Introduces WatchGuard XTM 25 and

WatchGuard XTM 26 UTM Appliances II-91

HP Introduces Thin Clients Featuring Windows Embedded Standard

7 WS7P SKU II-92

HP Introduces New Solutions for Converged Cloud Portfolio II-92

Grid Infocom Introduces Information Security Solutions and

Services Bundle for Mid-Sized Companies II-94

Okta Launches New Service to Offer Single Sign-on for All Web

Apps II-94

EdgeWave Launches New Messaging Security Suite II-95

Raytheon Launches SureView 6.6 for Information Protection II-95

Fox Technologies Introduces FoxT SOX Report Pack II-95

Check Point Launches R75, Latest Version of Network Security

Suite for Better Control, Visibility II-96

Sophos Introduces Mobile Control, SafeGuard Enterprise 5.60, &

Endpoint Security and Data Protection 9.7 Solutions II-97

Sophos Unveils Mobile Management Platform II-99

Symantec Launches Endpoint Protection 12 and Protection 2.0

Security Solutions II-100

Trustwave Launches MyIdentity II-100

Symantec Launches Encryption Solutions Specialization II-101

Norton Launches NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk Service II-102

Clearswift Launches SECURE Email Gateway 3.4 and SECURE Web

Gateway 2.5 II-103

Trustwave Launches an Innovative Suite of Web Security Solutions II-104

Trustwave Launches FIM Solution II-105

CA Technologies Introduces CA Service and Portfolio Management

Partner Solution Center II-105

Crossbeam Expands X-Series Security Platform II-105

Crossbeam Launches X50 II-106

Entrust Launches Entrust IdentityGuard 10.0 II-106

Entrust Launches Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile SDK II-107

CA Technologies Updates Advanced Authentication Cloud Security

Service II-108

Crossbeam Launches XOS 9.6 II-109

Trustwave Launches Apache Software License v2 II-110

Sophos Introduces Upgraded SafeGuard(R) Full-Disk Mac

Encryption Software (UK) II-111

McAfee Introduces Upgraded Security Management Solution II-111

RSA Introduces Upgraded Data Loss Prevention Suite II-112

WatchGuard Introduces the XTMv Series for Virtual Infrastructures II-113

F-Secure Introduces New Mobile Security Solutions II-113

Juniper Networks Introduces New Improvements for Pulse Mobile

Security II-114

Norman Launches Endpoint Protection 9 Information Security System II-115

Norman Enhances Direct Quarantine Email Security Solution II-115

Norman Unveils Upgraded Norman Network Protection Antimalware

Security Appliance II-116

Norman Launches Latest and Superior Security Appliance Version

4.0 II-116

Norman Launches Latest Edition Security Suite 9 Software II-117

RSA Introduces Automated Security Incident Management Solution II-117

Stonesoft Launches StoneGate Mass Security Solution II-118

Stonesoft Unveils AERT II-119

HID Global Rolls Out Certified PIV-I Service II-120

WatchGuard Introduces Next-Generation Firewall XTM 2050 II-121

F-Secure Launches Anti-Virus for Mac II-121

WatchGuard Introduces Security Appliance for Small Businesses II-121

Fortinet® Introduces FortiScan-VM™ and FortiGate-VM™ for

Citrix™ XenServer II-122

F-Secure Launches F-Secure Mobile Backup Solution II-123

Juniper Launches WLA532 II-123

Fortinet Launches FortiGate-600C and FortiGate-1000C II-124

Fortinet® Launches FortiClient II-125

Fortinet® Launches FortiAnalyzer 4.0MR3 and FortiManager 4.0MR3 II-126

Juniper Networks Launches Simply Connected Line of Security,

Switching and Wireless Products II-126

Juniper Networks Launches MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways II-127

Juniper Introduces New Integrated Virtualization-Aware Solution II-127

Norman Unveils Malware Analyzer G2 Platform II-127

Novell Releases New Healthcare Solution Pack II-128

Norman Introduces New Advanced Free Malware Cleaner Version 2.1 II-129

Proofpoint Releases New Cloud-Based Compliance for Microsoft

Office 365 II-129

Proofpoint Introduces New Proofpoint Mobile, Security and

Compliance Platform for Mobile Enterprise II-130

SafeNet Introduces Ultra-Small Sentinel HASP HL MaxMicro

Licensing Dongle II-130

SafeNet Unveils KG-345 Ethernet Encryptor II-130

SafeNet Unveils SafeNet Authentication Manager 8.0 II-131

SafeNet Unveils MDeX System II-132

Check Point Introduces New Range of Security Appliances II-132

Symantec Expands Encryption Solution Range for Improved

Organizational Flexibility and Mobile Device Connectivity II-133

SafeNet Introduces New Mobile Device Credentialing Solution

for Secure Utilization of End-User Mobile Devices II-133

Sophos Introduces Advanced Anti-Virus Software for Mac OS X Lion II-134

Check Point® Launches New 3D Security Solution II-134

SafeNet Introduces Two Innovative Authentication Migration

Products II-134

Check Point Launches Check Point 61000, the Swiftest Security

Gateway Available II-134

Check Point Unveils ZoneAlarm SocialGuard, a Tool to Secure

Children from Facebook-based Threats II-136

ActivIdentity Launches 4TRESS Authentication Appliance FT2011 II-137

Fortinet to Launch FortiGate and FortiWiFi Series II-138

7. PRODUCT/SERVICE INTRODUCTIONS/ INNOVATIONS IN RECENT PAST - APERSPECTIVE BUILDER II-140SHI, Solutionary Unveil ActiveGuard UTM Complete for Small toMid-Sized Businesses II-140IBM to Launch InfoSphere Guardium 8 II-140Portcullis Launches Threat Management Gateway II-141Barracuda Networks Rolls Out NG Firewall II-142NTT America Partners with Integralis to Introduce SuperiorInformation Security Solutions (USA) II-142Cyberoam Introduces Virtual SSL VPN Device II-143ConvergEx Introduces Management Access Service to EnableDirect Access to Senior Executives II-144St. Bernard Software Unveils Red Condor 7.3 Version II-144CSI Launches Version 3 SSO v3.7.5 II-145ActivIdentity Launches ActivID CMS Appliance II-146WatchGuard Launches Innovative Authentication Updates forFirewalls II-147WatchGuard Launches WatchGuard SSL 560 II-147ActivIdentity Launches 4TRESS Authentication Server 7.0 II-148ActivIdentity Launches FIPS 201 Partner Program and F5 PACSolution with API II-148ActivIdentity Unveils Appliance-based Model of ActivIdentity4TRESSTM Authentication Server II-149Fortinet Launches Fortigate-5001B Security Blade andFortiSwitch-5003B Switching Blade II-150Fortinet Unveils New E-Mail Security Solution II-151Websense Launches Websense® Web Security Gateway Anywhere™ II-152Norman Releases Norman Security PRO II-153Fortinet Launches Two Novel Multi-Threat Security Systems withIndustry-Best Firewall and IPS Performance II-153ActivIdentity Launches New PKI Secure Mobile Solution forSmart Phones II-154Check Point® Introduces New ZoneAlarm DataLock to PreventUnauthorized Access to Private Data II-154Trustwave Debuts an Integrated Managed Security Portal II-154Novell Introduces Novell Cloud Security Service II-155Novell Cloud Security Service Extends WorkloadQ Profile II-156Fortinet Releases New Multi-Threat Security Device FortGate-3040B II-156Entrust Launches Secure E-mail Certificates II-157Websense Launches DLP for Download II-157Juniper Launches LN1000 II-158Norman Unveils Norman Patch and Remediation AdvancedVulnerability Solution II-159Norman Launches Norman Network Protection 3.7 Security Solution II-159SafeNet Launches Luna SA 5.0 HSM II-160SafeNet Integrates ProtectServer HSM with DS3 AuthenticationToolkit II-161Check Point Launches New Version of ZoneAlarm® Free Firewall II-162F-Secure Security Gateway Launches E-mail Encryption Features II-163Trustwave Introduces Powerful SSL Management Solution II-163Entrust Launches IdentityGuard Mobile Solution II-164Proofpoint Unveils an Advanced Version of SaaS Email Securityand DLP Platform in Europe II-164Netgear Introduces Prosecure UTM5 II-165WatchGuard Technologies Rolls Out WatchGuard XTM MultifunctionSecurity II-166Nokia Siemens Networks and Juniper Networks Launch NewSecurity Solutions II-166Netgear Introduces Prosecure UTM25 and UTM10 Security Solutions II-167Global Secure Systems and QinetiQ Roll Out New Managed DigitalSecurity Service II-167Netmagic Solutions and iViZ Security to Unveil New SecuritySolutions II-167SafeNet Introduces eSafe® SmartSuite™ Mail and Web SecurityGateway II-167Splunk and GlassHouse Technologies Develop Enterprise SecuritySuite II-168


Sterling Takes Over AISS II-169

Integralis Acquires Secode II-169

Edelman Launches Data Security & Privacy Group II-170

IBM Acquires Q1 Labs II-170

Quantum Telecom to Acquire Zebra Technologies II-171

QuadraMed Inks Contracts with Three Healthcare Organizations

for Identity Management Products II-171

Telaid Deploys NLSS Networking Gateway II-171

ValidSoft Inks Agreement with Utiba (Singapore) II-172

Vanguard Inks Agreement with 3CON and MSCS-X II-173

Trustwave Acquires M86 II-173

Red Bull Technology Selects HP 3PAR Storage Solution of HP II-174

HP Enterprise Services Bags Contract from Defense Information

Systems Agency II-174

Ping Identity and IIJ Global Solutions Enter into Partnership II-175

O'Neill Europe Chooses MobilePASS© Multi-Factor Authentication

Solution of SafeNet II-175

Crossbeam Systems Certifies R75.40 Security Gateway of Check

Point on X-Series Security Platforms II-176

CSC Inks Technology Collaboration Agreement with Ping Identity II-176

SafeNet Acquires Cryptocard II-177

RSA Join Forces with Zscaler to Develop Cloud Based solution

for Secure Identities II-177

Winvale Inks Partnership Agreement with Ping Identity II-177

Ping Identity Collaborates with Macnica Networks II-178

Dell Acquires SonicWALL II-178

Sophos Collaborates with Egnyte II-179

Verizon Enters into Strategic Alliance with Cellcrypt II-179

Bright House Networks Partners with Cisco II-180

Spirent and Crossbeam Partner for Real-time Network Security

Tests II-181

McAfee Acquires NitroSecurity II-181

Sophos Acquires Astaro II-182

ePlus Acquires NCC II-182

Intel Acquires McAfee II-183

The Attachmate Group Acquires Novell II-183

WISeKey and The Bancorp Ink Agreement to Set Up Joint Venture II-184

Sophos Inks Distribution Pact with D&H Distributing II-184

EMC Takes Over NetWitness II-185

BAE Systems Takes Over stratsec.net II-185

GCA Technology Services and Symplified Ink Partnership Agreement II-186

Quest Software Acquires BiTKOO II-186

MobileIron Inks Promotion Agreement with Box II-186

HID Inks Agreement with NXP II-187

VASCO Acquires A & A II-187

CSI Transitions Assets to UBM TechWeb II-188

Student Flights Selects Multicard to Offer Identity Management

Services II-188

Thales Collaborates with Imprivata II-189

GSA Grants Blanket Purchase Agreement to Telos II-189

Dell Acquires SecureWorks II-190

Xceedium Purchases Password Management Business of Irdeto II-190

VASCO Data Security Acquires DigiNotar to Enhance Market

Position and Product Offering II-191

Radiant Logic and ForgeRock Forge Partnership to Deliver Web

Access Management Software II-192

CyberPoint Inks Agreement with Integrita II-193

Clearswift Introduces Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway 3.3.1

and Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway 2.4 II-193

Sprint and McAfee Introduce McAfee® Mobile Security Technology , II-194

CA Technologies Introduces CA Virtual Placement and Balancing II-195

Ping Identity Forms Alliance with Symantec II-195

Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Biometric Authentication Technology II-196

Intel Selects McAfee to Develop Anti-theft Software for

Ultrabook Devices Microsoft to Incorporate RSA SecurID® in

Microsoft Windows® Active Directory® Federation Services 2.0 II-197

WatchGuard® Technologies Introduces XTMv Range of Virtual

Firewalls II-198

Security First and IBM Sign Joint Development Agreement for

Security System II-198

Lyceum Takes Over Clearswift II-198

Novell Commences Sale of Patents to CPTN Holdings II-199

Sophos Signs OEM Agreement with BlockMaster to Integrate Anti

Virus Technology into USB Drives II-199

Proofpoint Collaborates with VMware to Deliver Advanced

Security and Compliance for Zimbra® platform II-200

Entrust in Partnership with INTERPOL and EDAP Launches

INTERPOL Smartcard II-201

Good Technology Inks Delivery Agreement with ActivIdentity II-201

Nexus Inks Reseller Agreement with Accumulate II-202

ActivIdentity and Realsec Enter into Strategic Alliance Agreement II-203

ThreatMetrix Enters into Partnership with ActivIdentity II-203

IBM Acquires BigFix II-204

EDB ErgoGroup SYSteam Inks Agreement with Nexus II-204

9. CORPORATE ACTIVITY IN RECENT PAST - A PERSPECTIVE BUILDER II-205Symantec to Take Over Gideon Technologies II-205Symantec Takes Over the Security Business of VeriSign II-205TrustWave Purchases Breach Security II-206HP Acquires Fortify II-207Stratsec Inks Agreement with Cybersecurity II-207CCTV High-Tech Development Partners with Intertrust forTechnology Development II-207Raytheon Purchases Trusted Computer Solutions II-208Kaspersky Lab and IceWarp Enter into Technological Partnership II-208Cyber-Ark Enters into a Partnership Agreement with Avecto II-208ADTRAN Partners with NetVanta to Launch UTM Security System II-209IQ Global Re-launches itself as SecureIQ II-209CA Technologies Acquires Arcot II-210Quest Unveils Acquisition of Völcker II-210Cadre Inks Agreement with Quaresso II-211Metro Bank Selects ActivIdentity4TRESSTM Authentication Serverof ActivIdentity II-211idOnDemandTM Selects ActivIdentity ActivIDTM Card ManagementSystem of ActivIdentity II-212Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Cloud Information GatewayTechnology II-212ASSA ABLOY to Acquire ActivIdentity II-212Crossbeam Inks Agreement with McAfee II-213Nexus Merges with PortWise II-213Nexus Inks Agreement with Utimaco II-214Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Enters into Partnershipwith F-Secure II-214Stonesoft Signs Partnership Agreements with System Integratorsin Saudi Arabia II-214Crossbeam Widens Strategic Partnership Agreement with Check Point II-214HID Global Acquires ActivIdentity II-215Stonesoft Inks Agreement with Teamsun II-215Oracle Corporation Takes Over Sun Microsystems II-216Trustwave Takes Over Intellitactics II-216AuthenTec Acquires Embedded Security Solutions Division ofSafeNet II-216Prolifics Takes Over Watson SCS II-217ANXeBusiness Takes Over ETSec II-217Cisco Acquires Rohati Systems II-217EMC to Take Over Archer Technologies II-217SHI International Enters into Partnership with Solutionary II-217Torrid Networks and Beyond Security Enter Into Partnership II-218CentraComm Selects eIQnetworks to Provide SecureVue II-218WatchGuard® Technologies Takes Over BorderWare Technologies II-218SafeNet Takes Over Assured Decisions II-218Check Point® Acquires Nokia Security Appliance Business II-219IBM Takes Over Guardium II-219Cryptzone to Acquire AppGate Network Security II-219M86 Security Takes Over Finjan II-220Rapid7 Takes Over Metasploit II-220Fortinet® Acquires Intellectual Property and Assets of WovenSystems II-220SecureWorks Acquires MSS Business of VeriSign II-220McAfee Acquires Solidcore Systems II-221SIFT and stratsec Merge II-221SCM Microsystems Merges with Hirsch Electronics II-221LogLogic Takes Over Exaprotect II-221netForensics Acquires Cinxi Product Appliances from High TowerSoftware II-222Novell Takes over Fortefi's Technology Assets II-222CA Takes Over Orchestria Corporation II-222Ping Identity Acquires Sxip Access II-222Aladdin Offers eToken NG-Flash to Zagrebacka Bank of Croatia II-223Evidian Enters into Partnership with Gemalto II-223Prism Microsystems Inks Contract with EWA-Canada II-224HITRUST to Deploy nCircle HIT Security Solutions II-224Bivio Networks Acquires FlowInspect SpA II-225Department of Homeland Security and SecureInfo Renew Contract II-225WISeKey Acquires from WISeKey ELA II-225Mindware Signs Distributor Deal with Huawei Symantec II-226LogRhythm and Sapphire Enters into Partnership II-226Trend Micro to Acquire Third Brigade II-226FutureSoft Renews Reseller Partnership with TigerRidge II-227GigaTrust Enters into Agreement with Siemens PLM Software II-227Q1 Labs Signs Distribution Agreement with VADition II-228SRM Acquires InfoSec Associates II-228Good Harbor Acquires TECHMARK Security II-228Vector Capital Acquires Aladdin Knowledge Systems II-229AIA Teams Up with Internet ISA II-229NitroSecurity Acquires Assets of Chronicle Solutions II-229Berkana and Waterfall Security Solutions Sign Reseller Agreement II-230ManTech Completes Acquisition of DDK Technology Group II-230Optenet and FishNet Security Partner to Provide SaaS Solutions II-231SecureWorks Teams Up With ETEK International to ExtendSecurity Service Portfolio II-231Integralis and TELEHOUSE America Announce Alliance II-231Promisec and Internet Binat Announce New Information SecurityService II-232LogRhythm forms Distribution Partnership with Excelerate Systems II-232Motion Computing Partners with Sig-Tec II-232QSGI Selects Fujitsu Mag EraSURE Data Degausser II-233Agilex Technologies forms Partnership with HBGary II-233Kaizen and RSA Join Forces for Information Security Solutions II-234Cygate Partners with Sourcefire II-234Ask.com Collaborates with Symantec to Enhance Web Search Safety II-234Workshare Enters into Partnership with ABBYY® II-234DeviceLock and ATHENA in Distribution Agreement II-235Q1 Labs Combines QRadar Network Security Management withMcAfee's ePO II-235Authentic Response Enters into Partnership with RelevantView© II-235Perimeter Enters into Partnership with Techmate II-236elQnetworks Joins McAfee's Security Innovation Alliance Program II-236ClearPoint Metrics Inks Partnership with Lumeta for SoftwareIntegration II-236Cobham to Take Over Argotek II-237VidSys and Harris Stratex Networks Ink Partnership II-237Cyber-Ark Finalizes Distribution Deal with DLT Solutions II-237BigFix and Trend Micro in Licensing Agreement II-238Trustwave Takes Over Mirage Networks II-238


ActivIdentity Corporation (USA) II-239

AuthenTec (USA) II-239

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd (Israel) II-239

Cisco Systems, Inc. (USA) II-240

Clearswift Ltd (UK) II-241

CA Technologies, Inc. (USA) II-241

Crossbeam Systems, Inc. (USA) II-242

Entrust, Inc. (USA) II-242

F-Secure Corporation (Finland) II-242

Fortinet, Inc. (USA) II-243

Fujitsu Ltd. (Japan) II-243

Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (USA) II-244

IBM Corporation (USA) II-244

Juniper Networks, Inc. (USA) II-245

Keyware Technologies NV (Belgium) II-245

Lumension Security, Inc. (USA) II-245

McAfee, Inc. (USA) II-245

Norman ASA (Norway) II-246

Novell, Inc. (USA) II-246

Ping Identity Corp. (USA) II-247

Proofpoint, Inc. (USA) II-247

EMC Corporation II-247

SafeNet, Inc. (USA) II-248

Secui.com Co., Ltd. (Korea) II-248

SonicWALL, Inc. (USA) II-249

Sophos Plc (UK) II-249

Utimaco Safeware AG (Germany) II-250

Stonesoft Corporation (Finland) II-250

Symantec Corporation (USA) II-250

Technology Nexus AB (Sweden) II-251

Thales Group (France) II-251

Trend Micro Incorporated (Japan) II-252

Trustwave (USA) II-252

Verizon Business (USA) II-253

WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. (USA) II-253

WebSense, Inc. (USA) II-254

Leading Global Information Security Research Institutes II-254

Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance

and Security (CERIAS) (USA) II-254

Information Security Group (UK) II-255

11. GLOBAL MARKET PERSPECTIVE II-256Table 16: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis forInformation Security Products & Services by Geographic Region -US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan),Latin America, and Rest of World Markets IndependentlyAnalyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2010through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-256

Table 17: World Historic Review for Information Security

Products & Services by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan,

Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Latin America, and

Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual

Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-257

Table 18: World 15-Year Perspective for Information SecurityProducts & Services by Geographic Region - PercentageBreakdown of Revenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe,Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Latin America and Rest ofWorld Markets for Years 2004, 2011 & 2018 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-258Information Security Software Market by Product Group/Segment II-259Information Security Software II-259Table 19: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis forInformation Security Software by Geographic Region - US,Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), LatinAmerica, and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzedwith Annual Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2010 through2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-259

Table 20: World Historic Review for Information Security

Software by Geographic Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe,

Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Latin America, and Rest of

World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in

US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-260

Table 21: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis forInformation Security Software by Product Segment - Identity& Access Management, Secure Content Management, IntrusionDetection/ Prevention, Security & Vulnerability Management,Firewall/VPN and Other Security Software MarketsIndependently Analyzed with Annual Revenues in US$ Millionfor Years 2010 through 2018 (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) II-261

Table 22: World Historic Review for Information Security

Software by Product Segment - Identity & Access Management,

Secure Content Management, Intrusion Detection/ Prevention,

Security & Vulnerability Management, Firewall/VPN and Other

Security Software Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual

Revenues in US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-262

Table 23: World 15-Year Perspective for Information SecuritySoftware by Geographic Region - Percentage Breakdown ofRevenues for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific(excluding Japan), Latin America and Rest of World Marketsfor Years 2004

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Next-Gen Cloud. Whatever you call it, there’s a higher calling for cloud computing that requires providers to change their spots and move from a commodity mindset to a premium one. Businesses can no longer maintain the status quo that today’s service providers offer. Yes, the continuity, speed, mobility, data access and connectivity are staples of the cloud and always will be. But cloud providers that plan to not only exist tomorrow – but to lead – know that security must be the top priority for the cloud and are delivering it now. In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Kurt Hagerman, Chief Information Security Officer at FireHost, will detail why and how you can have both infrastructure performance and enterprise-grade security – and what tomorrow's cloud provider will look like.
The social media expansion has shown just how people are eager to share their experiences with the rest of the world. Cloud technology is the perfect platform to satisfy this need given its great flexibility and readiness. At Cynny, we aim to revolutionize how people share and organize their digital life through a brand new cloud service, starting from infrastructure to the users’ interface. A revolution that began from inventing and designing our very own infrastructure: we have created the first server network powered solely by ARM CPU. The microservers have “organism-like” features, differentiating them from any of the current technologies. Benefits include low consumption of energy, making Cynny the ecologically friendly alternative for storage as well as cheaper infrastructure, lower running costs, etc.
Cloud backup and recovery services are critical to safeguarding an organization’s data and ensuring business continuity when technical failures and outages occur. With so many choices, how do you find the right provider for your specific needs? In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Daniel Jacobson, Technology Manager at BUMI, will outline the key factors including backup configurations, proactive monitoring, data restoration, disaster recovery drills, security, compliance and data center resources. Aside from the technical considerations, the secret sauce in identifying the best vendor is the level of focus, expertise and specialization of their engineering team and support group, and how they monitor your day-to-day backups, provide recommendations, and guide you through restores when necessary.
Web conferencing in a public cloud has the same risks as any other cloud service. If you have ever had concerns over the types of data being shared in your employees’ web conferences, such as IP, financials or customer data, then it’s time to look at web conferencing in a private cloud. In her session at 14th Cloud Expo, Courtney Behrens, Senior Marketing Manager at Brother International, will discuss how issues that had previously been out of your control, like performance, advanced administration and compliance, can now be put back behind your firewall.
Cloud scalability and performance should be at the heart of every successful Internet venture. The infrastructure needs to be resilient, flexible, and fast – it’s best not to get caught thinking about architecture until the middle of an emergency, when it's too late. In his interactive, no-holds-barred session at 14th Cloud Expo, Phil Jackson, Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer, will dive into how to design and build-out the right cloud infrastructure.
The revolution that happened in the server universe over the past 15 years has resulted in an eco-system that is more open, more democratically innovative and produced better results in technically challenging dimensions like scale. The underpinnings of the revolution were common hardware, standards based APIs (ex. POSIX) and a strict adherence to layering and isolation between applications, daemons and kernel drivers/modules which allowed multiple types of development happen in parallel without hindering others. Put simply, today's server model is built on a consistent x86 platform with few surprises in its core components. A kernel abstracts away the platform, so that applications and daemons are decoupled from the hardware. In contrast, networking equipment is still stuck in the mainframe era. Today, networking equipment is a single appliance, including hardware, OS, applications and user interface come as a monolithic entity from a single vendor. Switching between different vendor'...
More and more enterprises today are doing business by opening up their data and applications through APIs. Though forward-thinking and strategic, exposing APIs also increases the surface area for potential attack by hackers. To benefit from APIs while staying secure, enterprises and security architects need to continue to develop a deep understanding about API security and how it differs from traditional web application security or mobile application security. In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Sachin Agarwal, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at SOA Software, will walk you through the various aspects of how an API could be potentially exploited. He will discuss the necessary best practices to secure your data and enterprise applications while continue continuing to support your business’s digital initiatives.
You use an agile process; your goal is to make your organization more agile. What about your data infrastructure? The truth is, today’s databases are anything but agile – they are effectively static repositories that are cumbersome to work with, difficult to change, and cannot keep pace with application demands. Performance suffers as a result, and it takes far longer than it should to deliver on new features and capabilities needed to make your organization competitive. As your application and business needs change, data repositories and structures get outmoded rapidly, resulting in increased work for application developers and slow performance for end users. Further, as data sizes grow into the Big Data realm, this problem is exacerbated and becomes even more difficult to address. A seemingly simple schema change can take hours (or more) to perform, and as requirements evolve the disconnect between existing data structures and actual needs diverge.
SYS-CON Events announced today that SherWeb, a long-time leading provider of cloud services and Microsoft's 2013 World Hosting Partner of the Year, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. A worldwide hosted services leader ranking in the prestigious North American Deloitte Technology Fast 500TM, and Microsoft's 2013 World Hosting Partner of the Year, SherWeb provides competitive cloud solutions to businesses and partners around the world. Founded in 1998, SherWeb is a privately owned company headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Its service portfolio includes Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics CRM and more.
The world of cloud and application development is not just for the hardened developer these days. In their session at 14th Cloud Expo, Phil Jackson, Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer, and Harold Hannon, Sr. Software Architect at SoftLayer, will pull back the curtain of the architecture of a fun demo application purpose-built for the cloud. They will focus on demonstrating how they leveraged compute, storage, messaging, and other cloud elements hosted at SoftLayer to lower the effort and difficulty of putting together a useful application. This will be an active demonstration and review of simple command-line tools and resources, so don’t be afraid if you are not a seasoned developer.
SYS-CON Events announced today that BUMI, a premium managed service provider specializing in data backup and recovery, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. Manhattan-based BUMI (Backup My Info!) is a premium managed service provider specializing in data backup and recovery. Founded in 2002, the company’s Here, There and Everywhere data backup and recovery solutions are utilized by more than 500 businesses. BUMI clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms. The company is known for its relentless passion for customer service and support, and has won numerous awards, including Customer Service Provider of the Year and 10 Best Companies to Work For.
Chief Security Officers (CSO), CIOs and IT Directors are all concerned with providing a secure environment from which their business can innovate and customers can safely consume without the fear of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. To be successful in today's hyper-connected world, the enterprise needs to leverage the capabilities of the web and be ready to innovate without fear of DDoS attacks, concerns about application security and other threats. Organizations face great risk from increasingly frequent and sophisticated attempts to render web properties unavailable, and steal intellectual property or personally identifiable information. Layered security best practices extend security beyond the data center, delivering DDoS protection and maintaining site performance in the face of fast-changing threats.
From data center to cloud to the network. In his session at 3rd SDDC Expo, Raul Martynek, CEO of Net Access, will identify the challenges facing both data center providers and enterprise IT as they relate to cross-platform automation. He will then provide insight into designing, building, securing and managing the technology as an integrated service offering. Topics covered include: High-density data center design Network (and SDN) integration and automation Cloud (and hosting) infrastructure considerations Monitoring and security Management approaches Self-service and automation
In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, David Holmes, Vice President at OutSystems, will demonstrate the immense power that lives at the intersection of mobile apps and cloud application platforms. Attendees will participate in a live demonstration – an enterprise mobile app will be built and changed before their eyes – on their own devices. David Holmes brings over 20 years of high-tech marketing leadership to OutSystems. Prior to joining OutSystems, he was VP of Global Marketing for Damballa, a leading provider of network security solutions. Previously, he was SVP of Global Marketing for Jacada where his branding and positioning expertise helped drive the company from start-up days to a $55 million initial public offering on Nasdaq.
Performance is the intersection of power, agility, control, and choice. If you value performance, and more specifically consistent performance, you need to look beyond simple virtualized compute. Many factors need to be considered to create a truly performant environment. In his General Session at 14th Cloud Expo, Marc Jones, Vice President of Product Innovation for SoftLayer, will explain how to take advantage of a multitude of compute options and platform features to make cloud the cornerstone of your online presence.