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Brainsonic Elige a CDNetworks para Acelerar y Transmitir Contenidos Mediáticos Valiosos a los Usuarios Finales en Todo el Mundo

CDNetworks, la única red multinacional de distribución de contenidos con experiencia local e infraestructura en China, ha sido elegida por Brainsonic, proveedor de contenidos digitales y de software como servicio. Las soluciones de aceleración en los medios y en la web de CDNetworks se utilizan para proporcionar contenido digital de marcas locales y mundiales en toda la web para capturar rápida y eficientemente a los consumidores independientemente de su ubicación.

"CDNetworks es el proveedor de red de distribución de contenidos preferido por nuestros clientes ya que presenta un servicio confiable, de alta calidad y servicios avanzados tales como GeoIP y Cloud DNS", señaló Julien Fauvel, Director Comercial de la división Plataformas de Brainsonic. "Con CDNetworks, Brainsonic brinda una solución continua, por un tercio del costo que un cliente tendría que pagar, mediante la selección de su propio proveedor de red de distribución de contenidos. Es un placer para nosotros hacer posible que nuestros clientes ahorren en costos manteniendo al mismo tiempo una alta calidad de servicio".

Establecida en 2003, Brainsonic cuenta con un personal de más de 120 personas que trabajan en su sede central en París, Francia. Combinando video, redes sociales y TV, Brainsonic proporciona soluciones digitales de comercialización y comunicaciones a más de 200 empresas, incluidas L'Oreal, Boucheron, Lanvin, Dell, Inra, Radio France, Groupama y EDF.

Con una creciente demanda de contenidos mediáticos en vivo, localizados y valiosos, distribuidos a través de múltiples plataformas, interfaces, dispositivos y formatos digitales, los clientes de Brainsonic necesitaban una red de distribución de contenidos que satisficiera la demanda máxima (más de 1000 usuarios simultáneos), proporcionara alta disponibilidad y rendimiento y se adaptara fácilmente para maximizar el impacto. Además, muchas marcas (por ejemplo, bienes suntuarios, vinos y bebidas alcohólicas, salud, etc.) proyectan llegar a Asia, por ello era imprescindible una red de distribución de contenidos con una fuerte presencia en países tales como China.

Al mismo tiempo, las soluciones de software de Brainsonic necesitaban integrarse fluidamente con el servicio de red de distribución de contenidos para proveer una solución centralizada por medio de la cual los clientes puedan gestionar y publicar fácilmente sus bienes digitales incluidos videos, documentos y fotos.

En el futuro, Brainsonic ampliará el número de servicios que usa agregando Cloud Load Balancer de CDNetworks en la combinación. Proporcionará a Brainsonic la flexibilidad de gestionar su estrategia de distribución de contenidos, especificando las políticas de distribución de contenidos basadas en condiciones de tiempo real y en los usuarios a los que se dirigen dichos contenidos.

Jeff Kim, Presidente y Director Operativo de Américas/EMEA (Europa, Medio Oriente y África) en CDNetworks, manifestó, "Con experiencia local y puntos de presencia en seis continentes, incluidos los mercados emergentes, CDNetworks ofrece a los clientes la aceleración de los medios y la red a nivel mundial. La aceleración de la red de CDNetworks permite a las compañías, tales como Brainsonic, distribuir rápida y confiablemente aplicaciones y contenidos desde una nube o infraestructura centralizada a los usuarios de todo el mundo. Hace posible una experiencia de usuario final inigualable".

Acerca de Brainsonic

Brainsonic proporciona a las empresas soluciones digitales orientadas al ROI (Return on Investment, Retorno sobre la Inversión) y al compromiso para sus estrategias sociales de comercialización y comunicación mediante la integración de video, redes sociales y nuevas pantallas. Brainsonic es una "Agencia Combinada" que brinda una combinación de habilidades editoriales, creativas y técnicas a través de la distribución de servicios y plataformas de software. Para obtener más información, sírvase visitar: http://www.brainsonic.com

Acerca de CDNetworks

CDNetworks permite la aceleración en la nube mundial. Nuestra misión es transformar la Internet en una Red de Distribución de Aplicaciones segura, confiable, escalable y de alto rendimiento. La posición única de CDNetworks como la única CDN (Content Delivery Network, Red de Distribución de Contenidos) multinacional con experiencia e infraestructura en China, Rusia y otros mercados emergentes, nos permite ser socios de confianza en mercados locales, desempeñándonos al mismo tiempo como los expertos más destacados en expansión en mercados mundiales. Acelerando más de 17.500 sitios web y servicios en la nube en todo el mundo a través de nuestros 140 PoPs (points of presence, puntos de presencia), CDNetworks atiende a sus clientes de e-business en industrias como finanzas, viajes, eCommerce, gestión del aprendizaje, alta tecnología, fabricación y medios. CDNetworks ha estado atendiendo a sus clientes empresariales durante más de 13 años y cuenta con oficinas en los Estados Unidos, Corea, China, Japón y el Reino Unido. Para obtener más información, sírvase visitar: http://www.cdnetworks.com

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Cloud Expo Breaking News
Next-Gen Cloud. Whatever you call it, there’s a higher calling for cloud computing that requires providers to change their spots and move from a commodity mindset to a premium one. Businesses can no longer maintain the status quo that today’s service providers offer. Yes, the continuity, speed, mobility, data access and connectivity are staples of the cloud and always will be. But cloud providers that plan to not only exist tomorrow – but to lead – know that security must be the top priority for the cloud and are delivering it now. In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Kurt Hagerman, Chief Information Security Officer at FireHost, will detail why and how you can have both infrastructure performance and enterprise-grade security – and what tomorrow's cloud provider will look like.
The social media expansion has shown just how people are eager to share their experiences with the rest of the world. Cloud technology is the perfect platform to satisfy this need given its great flexibility and readiness. At Cynny, we aim to revolutionize how people share and organize their digital life through a brand new cloud service, starting from infrastructure to the users’ interface. A revolution that began from inventing and designing our very own infrastructure: we have created the first server network powered solely by ARM CPU. The microservers have “organism-like” features, differentiating them from any of the current technologies. Benefits include low consumption of energy, making Cynny the ecologically friendly alternative for storage as well as cheaper infrastructure, lower running costs, etc.
Cloud backup and recovery services are critical to safeguarding an organization’s data and ensuring business continuity when technical failures and outages occur. With so many choices, how do you find the right provider for your specific needs? In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Daniel Jacobson, Technology Manager at BUMI, will outline the key factors including backup configurations, proactive monitoring, data restoration, disaster recovery drills, security, compliance and data center resources. Aside from the technical considerations, the secret sauce in identifying the best vendor is the level of focus, expertise and specialization of their engineering team and support group, and how they monitor your day-to-day backups, provide recommendations, and guide you through restores when necessary.
Web conferencing in a public cloud has the same risks as any other cloud service. If you have ever had concerns over the types of data being shared in your employees’ web conferences, such as IP, financials or customer data, then it’s time to look at web conferencing in a private cloud. In her session at 14th Cloud Expo, Courtney Behrens, Senior Marketing Manager at Brother International, will discuss how issues that had previously been out of your control, like performance, advanced administration and compliance, can now be put back behind your firewall.
Cloud scalability and performance should be at the heart of every successful Internet venture. The infrastructure needs to be resilient, flexible, and fast – it’s best not to get caught thinking about architecture until the middle of an emergency, when it's too late. In his interactive, no-holds-barred session at 14th Cloud Expo, Phil Jackson, Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer, will dive into how to design and build-out the right cloud infrastructure.
The revolution that happened in the server universe over the past 15 years has resulted in an eco-system that is more open, more democratically innovative and produced better results in technically challenging dimensions like scale. The underpinnings of the revolution were common hardware, standards based APIs (ex. POSIX) and a strict adherence to layering and isolation between applications, daemons and kernel drivers/modules which allowed multiple types of development happen in parallel without hindering others. Put simply, today's server model is built on a consistent x86 platform with few surprises in its core components. A kernel abstracts away the platform, so that applications and daemons are decoupled from the hardware. In contrast, networking equipment is still stuck in the mainframe era. Today, networking equipment is a single appliance, including hardware, OS, applications and user interface come as a monolithic entity from a single vendor. Switching between different vendor'...
More and more enterprises today are doing business by opening up their data and applications through APIs. Though forward-thinking and strategic, exposing APIs also increases the surface area for potential attack by hackers. To benefit from APIs while staying secure, enterprises and security architects need to continue to develop a deep understanding about API security and how it differs from traditional web application security or mobile application security. In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, Sachin Agarwal, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at SOA Software, will walk you through the various aspects of how an API could be potentially exploited. He will discuss the necessary best practices to secure your data and enterprise applications while continue continuing to support your business’s digital initiatives.
You use an agile process; your goal is to make your organization more agile. What about your data infrastructure? The truth is, today’s databases are anything but agile – they are effectively static repositories that are cumbersome to work with, difficult to change, and cannot keep pace with application demands. Performance suffers as a result, and it takes far longer than it should to deliver on new features and capabilities needed to make your organization competitive. As your application and business needs change, data repositories and structures get outmoded rapidly, resulting in increased work for application developers and slow performance for end users. Further, as data sizes grow into the Big Data realm, this problem is exacerbated and becomes even more difficult to address. A seemingly simple schema change can take hours (or more) to perform, and as requirements evolve the disconnect between existing data structures and actual needs diverge.
SYS-CON Events announced today that SherWeb, a long-time leading provider of cloud services and Microsoft's 2013 World Hosting Partner of the Year, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. A worldwide hosted services leader ranking in the prestigious North American Deloitte Technology Fast 500TM, and Microsoft's 2013 World Hosting Partner of the Year, SherWeb provides competitive cloud solutions to businesses and partners around the world. Founded in 1998, SherWeb is a privately owned company headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Its service portfolio includes Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics CRM and more.
The world of cloud and application development is not just for the hardened developer these days. In their session at 14th Cloud Expo, Phil Jackson, Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer, and Harold Hannon, Sr. Software Architect at SoftLayer, will pull back the curtain of the architecture of a fun demo application purpose-built for the cloud. They will focus on demonstrating how they leveraged compute, storage, messaging, and other cloud elements hosted at SoftLayer to lower the effort and difficulty of putting together a useful application. This will be an active demonstration and review of simple command-line tools and resources, so don’t be afraid if you are not a seasoned developer.
SYS-CON Events announced today that BUMI, a premium managed service provider specializing in data backup and recovery, will exhibit at SYS-CON's 14th International Cloud Expo®, which will take place on June 10–12, 2014, at the Javits Center in New York City, New York. Manhattan-based BUMI (Backup My Info!) is a premium managed service provider specializing in data backup and recovery. Founded in 2002, the company’s Here, There and Everywhere data backup and recovery solutions are utilized by more than 500 businesses. BUMI clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms. The company is known for its relentless passion for customer service and support, and has won numerous awards, including Customer Service Provider of the Year and 10 Best Companies to Work For.
Chief Security Officers (CSO), CIOs and IT Directors are all concerned with providing a secure environment from which their business can innovate and customers can safely consume without the fear of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. To be successful in today's hyper-connected world, the enterprise needs to leverage the capabilities of the web and be ready to innovate without fear of DDoS attacks, concerns about application security and other threats. Organizations face great risk from increasingly frequent and sophisticated attempts to render web properties unavailable, and steal intellectual property or personally identifiable information. Layered security best practices extend security beyond the data center, delivering DDoS protection and maintaining site performance in the face of fast-changing threats.
From data center to cloud to the network. In his session at 3rd SDDC Expo, Raul Martynek, CEO of Net Access, will identify the challenges facing both data center providers and enterprise IT as they relate to cross-platform automation. He will then provide insight into designing, building, securing and managing the technology as an integrated service offering. Topics covered include: High-density data center design Network (and SDN) integration and automation Cloud (and hosting) infrastructure considerations Monitoring and security Management approaches Self-service and automation
In his session at 14th Cloud Expo, David Holmes, Vice President at OutSystems, will demonstrate the immense power that lives at the intersection of mobile apps and cloud application platforms. Attendees will participate in a live demonstration – an enterprise mobile app will be built and changed before their eyes – on their own devices. David Holmes brings over 20 years of high-tech marketing leadership to OutSystems. Prior to joining OutSystems, he was VP of Global Marketing for Damballa, a leading provider of network security solutions. Previously, he was SVP of Global Marketing for Jacada where his branding and positioning expertise helped drive the company from start-up days to a $55 million initial public offering on Nasdaq.
Performance is the intersection of power, agility, control, and choice. If you value performance, and more specifically consistent performance, you need to look beyond simple virtualized compute. Many factors need to be considered to create a truly performant environment. In his General Session at 14th Cloud Expo, Marc Jones, Vice President of Product Innovation for SoftLayer, will explain how to take advantage of a multitude of compute options and platform features to make cloud the cornerstone of your online presence.