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Wi-Fi TV Lights up the Sky in Vegas with Channel 1 Sneak Preview at NAB on 60 Foot Screen

Wi-Fi TV Lights up the Sky in Vegas with Channel 1 Sneak Preview at NAB on 60 Foot Screen

Wi-Fi TV Inc. (Pink Sheets:WTVN) kicked off the NAB Show in Las Vegas with a 60 foot projected screen sneak preview of its new Wi-Fi TV™ Channel 1 (www.Wi-FiTV.com) which will feature the best of Wi-Fi TV’s original Social Internet TV™ content. The desert sky, visitors from around the world, and the newest TV delivery technology combined in a dramatic Wi-Fi TV demonstration that lit up the big screen.

With nearly 500 different Wi-Fi TV Stations now part of the next generation global Internet TV platform which is exclusive to Wi-Fi TV, the small publicly traded company is using the Broadband TV Forum at the NAB Show to introduce Wi-Fi TV to the media and consumers and a huge audience of consumers and business professionals.

From delivery on cellular phones all the way to big screens, and with primary delivery to potentially millions of laptop and desktop PCs, Wi-Fi TV is showcasing its all new Feature Station page as part of the Las Vegas presentations.


The new Wi-Fi TV Feature Station page is available to all businesses and organizations that purchase a Wi-Fi TV Station. It includes:

  • A new larger default screen size
  • Owner automated control of upload and sequencing of the 24/7 TV station that appears on the page
  • Owner automated control of upload and sequencing of the On-Demand videos that appear on the page
  • Owner automated control of customization of the attributes of the page
  • Owner automated control of the uploads of banner ads that appear on the page
  • Owner automated option and control of all links that appear on the page
  • Owner automated option and control of RSS news feed that appears on the page
  • Owner automated option and control of logo and description for station that appears on the page
  • Owner automated control of ability to webcast live (being world premiered at the NAB Show)
  • URL chosen by station owner points directly to this page, with no need to see any station other than the one selected upon first entering the Wi-Fi TV web site
  • Ten minute free preview and quick and easy one time free signup to Wi-Fi TV

Such exclusive Wi-Fi TV Stations as www.AllGolfTV.com, SWMTV, www.iHollywoodForumTV.com, and www.Wi-FiCars.com are also being showcased at NAB.


All of the above features are fully operational and being showcased at the NAB Show. Wi-Fi TV will be adding additional technology to both the Featured Station pages and the rest of the Wi-Fi TV web site on an on-going basis.

Wi-Fi TV will hold a live press conference to be webcast at www.Wi-FiTVNewsblog.com at 10 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern time this Wednesday, April 16. Wi-Fi TV will be announcing plans for its $100,000 Web War reality TV show challenge and the latest content and technology from its www.Wi-FiTV.com platform. Wi-Fi TV will also be featured in a seminar at Room 219/200 of the Las Vegas Convention Center at 11:50 AM with executives from Comcast, TiVo, TV Guide Online, NDS and Viodi.

Broadband TV Summit is co-located with NAB at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109.


Wi-Fi TV™ is a pioneer of TV on the Internet. Wi-Fi TV Inc. has long touted the coming convergence of TV and the Internet, and provided the first online movie in December 1995.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. provides Social Internet TV™, a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster.

The Wi-Fi TV website (www.Wi-FiTV.com) is the only place on the Internet where you can watch hundreds of TV stations and chat with others watching the same program in a live chat box directly under the viewing screen, and get breaking news for each country and category listed, and download a free dialer and make phone calls and host live video parties all on one website.

The Company was launched in 1995 and has been publicly traded since November 1997.

For information on purchasing a Wi-Fi TV Station send an email to [email protected] or call 949-675-5011.

For press relations, contact Colby Marceau, 949-716-9397, [email protected].

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