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Splunk IT Search Adds Silver Lining to Cloud Computing

Splunk IT Search Instills Greater Confidence for Delivery and Management

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Splunk, the IT Search company, today announced that leading next generation technology companies, including Coghead, Elastra, GoGrid, Mashery, and RightScale, have deployed Splunk IT Search to strengthen their offerings and reliably deliver services, applications, platforms and infrastructure, via the cloud. Splunk IT Search delivers critical infrastructure management and reporting, allowing end users and cloud providers to prosper through managing available resources and reliably delivering on their service level agreements.

As end users scale out their infrastructures with the cloud, they are turning to Splunk to manage, secure and audit the environment, pushing cloud providers to focus on the operational efficiency of their own infrastructures and ensuring an overall reliable computing environment. In addition to promoting cloud computing reliability, these Splunk customers have been able to migrate to the cloud quickly, taking full advantage of the flexibility of IT Search.

"Information provided by the Splunk IT Search Platform is vital for managing mission critical applications on the cloud," said Thorsten von Eicken, CTO and Founder, RightScale, the leader in cloud computing management. "By integrating Splunk's offering with our cloud management platform, we are able to provide our customers with the information they need to manage standard operational jobs like troubleshooting, enhancing security, and compliance log management as well as valuable insights into their users' interaction and relevant business trends."

Splunk customer and the leading provider of enterprise cloud application management software, Elastra, is using IT Search in the cloud to facilitate its enterprise-grade application delivery automation, "Our customers rely on Elastra's products to rapidly configure, deploy and manage enterprise application systems in public and private computing clouds, so it is essential that we provide clear visibility and seamlessly deliver their applications in this dynamic environment. Splunk IT Search helps us make this happen," said Stuart Charlton, chief software architect, Elastra.

While cloud computing offers great efficiencies and improved economies of scale, it opens up a new set of IT management challenges including infrastructure availability, security, policy and support. As more and more companies move to the cloud they encounter the struggle of using traditional technologies to monitor and measure these transient environments. Unfortunately, these incumbent monitoring and management tools were not designed for the cloud and lack the capabilities needed to keep up with dynamic environments. Splunk's ability to provide insight into rapidly changing IT infrastructures enables end users and cloud providers to detect anomalies, ensure service levels and identify risks quickly. In addition, the simplicity and flexibility of IT Search makes the transition to the cloud fast and straightforward, fundamentally changing how cloud-based technology providers deliver and end-users adopt these infrastructures.

"Traditional IT management and monitoring tools have a hard enough time keeping up with yesterday's infrastructures," said Erik Swan, chief technology officer and co-founder, Splunk. "That's why the leading cloud providers are turning to Splunk IT Search to deliver the visibility their customers need into critical security, compliance and operational data. The ability to turn logs, metrics, configurations, messages, and alerts from across any IT infrastructure, including the cloud, into actionable information has made Splunk a necessary ingredient for any cloud provider."

Splunk's next generation technology customers represent a list of leaders in the cloud service provider space:

-- Coghead (http://www.coghead.com/) empowers tech-savvy business people to develop applications for common business problems. By combining the benefits of zero infrastructure, drag and drop tools, powerful development features and more, Coghead is changing the app development game. Coghead's support team uses Splunk IT Search to reduce the number of case escalations and help developers troubleshoot applications more effectively. Coghead is also using Splunk to manage and properly resource its virtualized environment.

-- Elastra (http://www.elastra.com/) is the leading provider of software for designing, deploying and managing Enterprise application systems in public and private compute clouds. Elastra is using Splunk IT Search for application availability and troubleshooting.

-- GoGrid (http://gogrid.com/) is the leading cloud computing, hosted, Internet service that delivers true "Control in the Cloud(TM)" by enabling system administrators, developers, IT professionals and SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors to create, deploy, and control load balanced cloud servers and complex hosted virtual server networks with full root/administrator access via an intuitive, Web interface or API. Customers who use Splunk-enabled servers within the GoGrid cloud enjoy robust resource and troubleshooting analysis.

-- Mashery (http://www.mashery.com/) is a leading provider of API management services, giving companies all the ingredients required to get Web Services up-and-running quickly, easily and successfully while ensuring that they will scale. Mashery uses Splunk IT Search to properly resource and manage its customers' installations across traditional, cloud and virtualized environments.

-- RightScale (http://www.rightscale.com/) is the leader in cloud computing management. RightScale's Cloud Management Platform delivers the power of cloud computing, while maintaining complete IT control and transparency. With over 250,000 servers launched, RightScale is committed to making it easy to deploy and manage mission critical applications, regardless of deployment size or complexity, across multiple clouds. RightScale is using Splunk to help manage standard operational jobs like troubleshooting, enhancing security, and compliance log management.

To download a free copy of Splunk, please visit: http://www.splunk.com/download

For information on how to become a Splunk Partner, please visit: http://www.splunk.com/partners

About Splunk

Splunk is the IT Search company innovating large-scale, high-speed indexing for IT infrastructures. The company's freely downloadable software indexes and makes it possible to search and navigate data from any application, server or network device in real time. Logs, configurations, messages, traps and alerts, scripts and metrics: if a machine can generate it - Splunk can index it. It's easy to download, install and use, and is very powerful. More than 750 enterprises, government organizations, and service providers and more than 250,000 users are achieving higher availability, investigating security incidents in record time, and meeting compliance requirements at lower costs with Splunk. Over 50 OEM, System Integrator, Value Added Reseller and Managed Service Provider partners have fuelled their offerings with IT Search. Partners such as BT, Cisco, and F5 Networks are driving new business with innovative products powered by Splunk. Download your own free copy today at http://www.splunk.com.


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